The Book of Turkey

Tackling a turkey can be one of the most overwhelming tasks of the holiday season. Every year we get a flood of questions regarding pellet grill capacities, methods, pellets, proper thaw times, cook times, and overall how to prepare the best smokey turkey. We’ve compiled a few helpful turkey tips and tricks for preparing and […]

The Book of Ribs

When someone says “barbeque” you think ribs-it’s unavoidable. We’re talking sweet dreams of firing up the grill, loading up on napkins, slappin’ some on ma’s homemade BBQ sauce, and sinking your teeth in rip-roaring rib-dom. Whether it’s your first-time cooking ribs or you’re a seasoned rib-a-tier you might be surprised what new tips and tricks […]

The Book of Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular meats as it’s both a tasty and cost-effective meal option, not to mention once of the healthiest sources of protein. You can find great deals year-round at your local supermarket on wings, breast, etc. But, have you explored the numerous cuts, cooking methods, and marinades that make chicken […]

Cast Iron 101

Learn how to properly clean, store, and cook in our virtual Cast Iron 101 class. The best part? All the information is right here at your fingertips. Find out why you need to be cooking in cast iron, how you can bring your rusted pieces back to life, the simplicity of charcoal briquettes, and more […]

The Book of Burger

Burgers are an easy, tasty meal option to cook on your outdoor grill or smoker. While they’re available virtually any time of the year, their incognizant sense of summer nostalgia is what makes them so enjoyable during BBQ season. Fresh bun and refreshing condiments followed by, what can only be described as grilled, juicy perfection […]