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You asked and we delivered—the new Woodwind line is Camp Chef’s most feature-packed grill, making it the smartest and most versatile grill on the market. Fully equipped with our innovative PID and WIFI enabled controller, you’ll be able to stay connected to your grill using the Camp Chef app.

Camp Chef Connect will allow you to easily monitor, control, set notifications, and modify smoke settings from your mobile device. The Woodwind line also flagships the launch of our Smoke Number setting. We’re giving the power back to you! By choosing a number between 1 to 10 you get to tailor how much of that savory wood-fired flavor your cook gets. And, with three universal sizes, we’ve thought of every balcony, back patio, or block party smoker!

So, sit back and relax knowing your grill is fully furnished with all the award winning necessities to achieve the most delicious wood-fired flavors.



The PID controller helps regulate smoke and temperature. Control exactly how much smoke you incorporate into your cook by adjusting the Smoke Number. The PID’s extremely detailed controller gives you the industry’s most precise grill temperature. As your Smoke Number increases, your smoke output increases. As your Smoke Number decreases the temperatures will hold tighter.

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Easily connects to your mobile device via the Camp Chef App. This allows you to easily control the temp and smoke levels independently.

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CampChef Connect

Easily connects to your mobile device via the Camp Chef App. This allows you to easily control the temp and smoke levels independently.


All Woodwind 24/36 are compatible with a Sidekick attachment. Unlock new areas of cooking versatility by adding customized accessories to fit your meal making needs. From seared burgers to perfectly crispy pizza crust There’s an accessory for everything.

Slide & Grill

Flame kissed isn’t only achievable with gas and charcoal grills. With a pull of a knob you’ll be able to switch between Direct and Indirect Flame mode. A louvered drip tray allows flames to reach the bottom grill racks giving you a wider grill temperature range from 160°F to 650°F.

Meat Probes 4x

Take control over your food’s destiny with the included meat probes. The digital display allows you to easily monitor the progress of your meat. In just a matter of seconds you’ll get an accurate reading of what’s going on under the lid. 4 meat probes means you can get a more precise read on your next meal.

Ash-Kickin’ Cleanout

Each cook on your pellet grill results in the ashes from your burned pellets. With a simple pull of a knob the ashes drop from the burn cup into a removable cup on the underside of your pellet grill. Do this between each cook for an easy, clean way to flush the burner and dispose of the ashes.