Texas-style pulled pork

My idea of a Texas style spice rub is a lot of coarse grind black pepper. For this I mixed together 2 cups or coarse grind black pepper, 1 cup of kosher salt, ⅓ cup minced garlic, 2 tbsp garlic powder, 2 tbsp onion powder, 2 tbsp cumin, and 2 tbsp spanish paprika. When I finally tasted the pork with the pepper and bacon I fell in love. One of my favorite BBQ recipes so far.


  • Pellet grill


  • 1 pork butt
  • Texas-style spice rub
  • 1/2 cup bacon grease
  • Olive oil


  • Trim the extra fat from the cap off of the pork butt. Lightly coat it with olive oil and evenly sprinkle the seasoning all over the pork. Be liberal.
  • Place the pork on the smoker's bottom rack and add a probe, we used the Woodwind WiFi 24. Set the smoke level to 10 and the temperature to 225°F. Smoke the pork until the internal temperature reads 160°F and check for bark. This is the key, we are looking for a bark. If it's not crispy and lovely, put the pork back in and keep checking every 30 minutes until it is.
  • When you'e achieved the perfect bark, take the pork out and set it on a large slice of butcher paper, pour about ½ a cup of rendered bacon grease on top of it and wrap it up tight. Be sure to keep the fat cap and bacon grease on top when you put it back in the grill. Add the probe in and adjust the grill's temperature to 250°F. Just let it go until it reaches 200°F. This is the “I should check this”  temperature, but it's the same concept; it could be 220°F and be done or it could be 195°F and be done. You're looking for a texture. To check, insert a thermometer and try to move it around inside the pork. If it's tough and gives resistance, come back and keep checking every 30 minutes. When it feels soft and slides through, in multiple spots, then it's done.
  • Remove the pork and let it rest in a cooler for at least an hour and up to two hours before you unwrap it, pull the bone and shred.