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Enjoy wood-fired BBQ flavours from the comfort of your own backyard with our quality wood pellet smokers and grills. Add accessories to give you versatility and total control over your outdoor cooking.

Australia’s best pellet smokers and grills

Camp Chef doesn't muck around. Why? Because we know when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, you don’t have time to muck around either.

You want to know when your grill is fired up, you’ve got control over your cooking. Nobody wants to serve up the tough, charred meat from the open flame BBQ of our childhood. (Sorry dad, we know you meant well).

The modern camping and backyard grill connoisseur wants to be tucking into juicy, tender meat. We want delicious aromas wafting through the campground. We want neighbours popping their heads over the fence begging for a dinner invite.

Whether you’re cooking up some snags for the kids or you’ve got some low ‘n’ slow smoked brisket on the go, Camp Chef brings Australians the perfect pellet smokers and grills.

But why stop at meat when you can smoke just about anything. How about some smoked veggies bursting with flavour and goodness (but shhhhh don’t tell the kids!). Or a delicious, homemade pizza with all the stuff you want, and none of the things you don’t.

We also stock a range of hardwood pellets so you get the flavours you love every time. And check out the huge 36” grill jerky rack so you can quadruple your cooking surface!

When you want great food done right, you need the best pellet smokers in Australia from Camp Chef.